Types of Marriage in Thailand

There are many different types of marriage in Thailand, from traditional Thai weddings to religious ceremonies and more. The type of ceremony you choose will depend on your own personal preferences and the country you are coming from, but most importantly it needs to be legally recognized in your home country or any other destination where you wish to use your marriage certificate.

Traditions & Customs

In Thailand, traditional weddings are still very common and involve a variety of rituals and ceremonies that have been in place for centuries. These include a Blessing ceremony that involves inviting monks in odd numbers to bless the couple, Khan Mak ceremonies where gifts are presented to the family of the bride and groom after each door is opened, and the counting of dowry which is generally given by the groom to the woman’s parents at the time of the wedding.

The main ceremony is usually held at a church with a priest present to witness the marriage vows of the bride and groom. This is done to ensure that the marriage is legal and binding in accordance with the law of your home country.

Prenuptial Agreements

If you are considering getting married in Thailand, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a qualified lawyer to draft a prenuptial agreement. This will allow the two parties to agree on terms for the future of their relationship should they divorce or break up.

A prenuptial agreement is also a good idea if you plan to have children with your spouse. It can help you determine how to divide your assets, child custody and responsibilities as a parent.

Traditionally, a couple’s first step towards marriage would be to visit their parents and ask them for permission. After their parents approve of their plans, they will then discuss a date and negotiate a dowry amount. This will vary according to the situation but is typically determined by the wealth and standing of the groom and his family.

When the parents agree to the plan, a date will be set and invitations sent out to family members and friends. The wedding day itself will typically be a long and eventful affair, and it is customary for the couple to wear their best clothes as a sign of respect for the bride’s family and their culture.

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on the style of your wedding in Thailand, and it is always worth consulting with an experienced wedding planner to make sure you get the right fit for your needs and budget. Whether you want to go with a traditional Thai wedding or something a little more modern, there is a wedding package available that will suit your needs and budget.

4 Procedures

In order to get married in Thailand, you must obtain an affidavit of freedom to marry from your home country’s embassy and have it translated into Thai. The affidavit must feature notarisation from the embassy indicating that you and your partner are free to marry in accordance with Thai law.

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